> I don't belive that "if".  It's like claiming you got rid of a stain
> on a wallpaper after you demolish a wall (not load-bearing,
> fortunately) and have to put it back and put new wallpaper. :) Get rid
> of the stain, sure; but may be looking closely with a bit of patience
> might have been less drastic and as effective.

To fix the kernhist ones I looked with a lot of patience and even then,
I missed quite a few ones (the ones in the final commit). It is really
difficult to find them, specially because the DPRINTF macros are
used sometimes for regular debugging and other times for kernhist.
In the end I had to add a fake printf function in kernhist.h like below,
and then filter out the error messages about too many arguments for


--- kernhist.h  2020-03-13 23:03:13.973939910 -0400
+++ kernhist.h.orig     2020-03-13 22:59:37.237495925 -0400
@@ -207,6 +207,11 @@
 #define KERNHIST_PRINTNOW(E) /* nothing */

+// Just for format checking
+static __inline __printflike(1, 2) void
+__kernhist_printf(const char *fmt __unused, ...) {
 do { \
        unsigned int _i_, _j_; \
@@ -227,6 +232,7 @@
        _e_->v[1] = (uintmax_t)(B); \
        _e_->v[2] = (uintmax_t)(C); \
        _e_->v[3] = (uintmax_t)(D); \
+       __kernhist_printf(FMT, _e_->v[0], _e_->v[1], _e_->v[2], _e_->v[3]); \
        KERNHIST_PRINTNOW(_e_); \
 } while (/*CONSTCOND*/ 0)

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