On Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 09:57:36 -0400, Christos Zoulas wrote:

> > Even for the ones without the widths specified.  E.g. I personally
> > prefer zero printed as 0x0, not as 0, so I assume that when people
> > choose either one that reflects their preference.  Why mess with it?
> > It's all so unnecessary.
> Yes, now we are discussing cosmetics (if 0 should be printed as 0 or
> 0x0 mostly in debugging messages), since this is the only change
> remaining.
> In retrospect, perhaps I should have left it alone, 

It would have been better to just leave them the hell alone as they
are to begin with.  This is, I think, the third time in recent memory
when people try to "fix" 0x%x -> %#x and each time it goes wrong.  We
should have learned from that.

> but now aside the cosmetics part, we are strictly better off because
> all the formats have been fixed

Which is true but non sequitur.

> (including the 2 ones which we would not have found if I did not
> make the %# change).

I don't belive that "if".  It's like claiming you got rid of a stain
on a wallpaper after you demolish a wall (not load-bearing,
fortunately) and have to put it back and put new wallpaper. :) Get rid
of the stain, sure; but may be looking closely with a bit of patience
might have been less drastic and as effective.


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