> Seems reasonable; but I have little experience with using sndio
> with Måns sox, much less the API.  Perhaps Måns has an opinion,
> too.
> Fwiw, it would be helpful if example files could be
> provided/generated showing where the improvement is.

Any 24bit PCM file will exemplify this.

> Thanks.   Sorry for the late response; I've been mostly
> unplugged lately :)

No problem :-)

> I'm not familiar with sndio, but it looks like it changes how 24-bit
> samples are passed, packed rather than padded to 32 bits.

Yes, that's the point. With this patch,
SoX asks the underlying audio subsystem
to actually use the paramaters of the audio format.

(Whether the audio subsytem supports those parameters
is another question of course; the sndio sytem, as many other
sound daemons, will convert to and from almost anything.)

> The patch looks sane, and if OpenBSD is anyway building with this, it's
> probably good to pick it up.

Yes, the OpenBSD port of SoX is using this.
(I am not sure whether Alex actually commited yet.)

Changes to sndio.c should not affect anything else in SoX I believe.


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