Jan Stary <h...@stare.cz> wrote:
> On Sep 20 22:24:28, normalper...@yhbt.net wrote:
> > Thanks, it's sitting in my "pu" branch on git://80x24.org/sox
> > with Alex credited as the author.
> Thank you.
> What is the relation of this git branch at git://80x24.org/sox
> to the actual SoX repository at git://git.code.sf.net/p/sox/code ?

Just another git repository.  I don't have rights on SF,
nor do I much care for the URL[*]

And I believe git URLs should be treated equally (so I reject
the Embrace, Extend, ... concept of git hosts which add
proprietary features to git).

I'm just keeping my git repo on git://80x24.org/sox up-to-date
so Chris et al. can more easily resume maintenance someday
without having to dig through bug tracker + archives.

[*] Except sf.net makes the usability mistake of having
   "code" as the basename, making the user type more when
    cloning (or end up with a directory named "code").
    Back in the day, gitorious.org made a similar mistake,
    which I think hurt their adoption.

> > commit ea4f3fb3c6de93e10786fbfc1cb1bdf9006bbcdb
> > Author: Alexandre Ratchov <a...@caoua.org>
> > Date:   Tue Sep 20 22:00:40 2016 +0000
> > 
> >     sndio: handle 24-bit samples properly on OpenBSD
> That's a bit misleading: it will properly handle
> whatever bitwidth SoX asks for. The 24 vs 32 was
> just the initiating problem.

Oops.  Can you propose a standalone commit message which
I can copy and use directly?  Thanks.

(I much prefer commit messages written with the patch
 submission itself, basically, same conventions as
 Linux kernel and git.git development).

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