Neal Gompa:
> Hey all,
> I'm working with a colleague of mine to package the Spacewalk
> Debian/Ubuntu client packages for internal use. In our environment, we
> use an internal instance of OBS[1] combined with debbuild[2] to build
> native Debian packages with RPM spec files to drastically simplify the
> effort we have to go through to build and maintain Debian packages.
> We're also willing to contribute the work we're doing upstream, if
> this interests the Spacewalk and Uyuni developers. Note that debbuild
> can be used completely independently of OBS, so it can be used on a
> plain Linux system, as long as dpkg and dpkg-dev are installed.

Hello Neal,

Your effort is definitelly welcome. Once you have your changes together
please create a pull request so we can include it and improve Spacewalk
upstream packaging.

Thank your for the contribution,

> Best regards,
> Neal
> [1]:
> [2]:
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Michael Mráka
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