It's not as bad as it sounds because a fair amount of support has been baked 
into later Spacewalk releases. Creating Debian/Ubuntu channels and repos and 
getting them updated through standard Spacewalk scheduled updates is now part 
of stock Spacewalk functionality. I followed an approach similar to the example 
CentOS or Redhat channels /repos: a parent channel for the main repo for each 
release (14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS) , and then child channels for backports, and 
security-specific  or general updates for those releases. You can also add 
custom child channels if you build custom client updates that include the 
secure apt patches. However downloading and updating Ubuntu errata is still a 
"third-party" add-on. Since Tomas indicated that 2.7 should be out this month, 
I would say wait until it's out, and then use my April 12 post,, as a 
supplement to the devops page.

For the error mentioned by, Vyas 
had those errors because the files listed are for our internal PKI CA. Instead 
use whatever CA certs were used to sign your Spacewalk cert (or the Spacewalk 
cert itself if it's a self-signed cert). Since then I have also updated Phil's 
patches for Secure Apt (see the comments in Phil's blog for links to the 
Spacewalk Bugzilla issue with the SecureApt patches).


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Thanks, Paul-Andre.  I suspected it wasn't easy.  I may well wait for SW 
version 2.7.

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