Thank you very much Alex, after performing those steps everything seems to
have cleaned itself up nicely!  

I had also noticed (but forgot to mention) that many of the jobs didn't seem
to show up in the Task Engine Status section of the Web UI.  Once we updated
each schedule, the Task Engine Status now appears to show all schedules with
a finished status next to each one.  

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after upgrade

I've hit similar issues after the upgrading 2.6 -> 2.7

Try following:
Go to Admin -> Task Schedules
Click on one schedule name ( eg. auto-errata-default ) and then Update
schedule button.
Do this for all schedules. You will notice that the "Active From" date will
be updated with a more recent date/time.
Restart taskomatic.

After this taskomatic should behave and pickup the queue properly.

Let me know if that helped.


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after   upgrade

We have selinux disabled.

Any idea what is supposed to trigger the taskomatic actions?  I noticed in
the web UI that it is set up with a custom quartz format to run "0 * * * *
?", not sure if that is normal or not but it doesn't seem like it.  I'm
guessing that the reposync commands set a flag somewhere that the repo data
needs to be updated, and then when the taskomatic job runs, it checks to see
if any of the repos are in need of an update and generates new repo data if
need be? 
Perhaps I should just change the cron to hourly.

I'm not sure what you mean by synchronization of the report.  If you mean
the report in the web UI, it does not seem to be working.  All of the
clients in the UI show that they are up to date, however manually running a
yum update on a client will return a list of many packages that need to be
updated.  Is there another taskomatic job that is supposed to handle
generating the summary reports in the Web UI?  Perhaps that job is not
running as it should either.

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after upgrade

Am 20. Februar 2018 20:34:36 MEZ schrieb "Glennie, Jonathan - 0443 - MITLL" 
>Hi All-
>I'm having an interesting issue where none of our software channels are 
>creating any repomd.xml files.  There is a long history with this 
>server, which may or may not be relevant to this problem, but it's 
>worth mentioning that this used to be a physical machine running 2.6 
>that we upgraded to 2.7.
>After running in to various issue, we migrated the server to a VM 
>2.7 using the procedure discussed here
>I have tried manually restarting taskomatic and also using the spacecmd 
>commands to regenerate the yum repodata, but nothing is being created 
>in /var/cache/rhn.  The repodata directory is completely missing.  I 
>checked the taskomatic logs and I don't see any errors that would point 
>to an issue, not sure where else to check.
>When running a yum list from a client, we get an error that the 
>repomd.xml file (not surpsingly) couldn't be found.  Out of curiosity, 
>I tried manually copying over the old /var/cache/rhn/repodata directory 
>over from the old server and after doing so, I can get past the 
>repomd.xml error, but obviously this isn't good if these repo files 
>aren't updating.

This sounds as if taskomatic is not running the jobs for recreating the

If you have selinux enabled, please check the selinux permissions if that
directory or reset them.

Does the synchronisation of the report work?


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