At 21:54 15/06/03 -0400, Jack Gostl wrote:
On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, Simon Byrnand wrote:

> At 18:22 15/06/03 -0400, Jack Gostl wrote:
> >I just had a piece of spam slip through with no X-header. When I saved it,
> >and manually ran it through "spamc -R" it got something like a 17.
> >
> >By now I've run tens of thousands of messages through spamc/spamd and,
> >except for OS crashes, this is the first one I've seen that was obviously
> >not processed
> >
> >Any thoughts on what happened?
> Bigger than 256KB ?
> (spamc wont scan messages bigger than this by default but spamassassin will)

Nope. About 1200 bytes. Besides, it works when I piped it into "spamc -R".

Ok, in that case most likely spamc timed out trying to get a connection to spamd, in which case it automatically fails over to passing the message through unscanned. Check your maillog file for error messages from spamc that look something like:

spamc[15549]: connect() to spamd at failed, retrying (1/3): Connection refused

This could happen if the number of simultaneous spamc attempts was above the maxchildren setting of spamd for a prolonged period of time, or if spamd just couldn't reply fast enough on a bogged down machine....


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