>If you like, please let me know what you would do to improve it based on
>that. I should be ready to release code in the next couple of days
>(honestly its alright, but I need to get copyright messages and a decent
>README into it).

That looks pretty darn awesome!!! It's amazing just how much different
the impact of numbers versus graphs can be (I shouldn't be amazed, but I
am nevertheless).

I know this is probably a bit silly suggestion-wise, but would it be at
all possible or even useful to include a graph representing the
``spammyness'' (or non-spammyness) of messages? I'm sure that would be
pretty useless, but I'm always curious to see just how spammy some of
the really obvious messages are when they finally come through my

Keep up the great work! I love those graphs! :-)

(I don't mean to shout, but that's my $0.02 worth.)

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