i have a _very_ large bayes DB with about 2million tokens.  I dont want
to lose all my token data but for some reason bayes wont expire.  I keep
getting the following error.

synced Bayes databases from journal in 88 seconds: 52849 unique entries
(83822 total entries)
debug: bayes: expiry check keep size, 75% of max: 750000
debug: bayes: token count: 2110501, final goal reduction size: 1360501
debug: bayes: First pass?  Current: 1075300345, Last: 1075098221, atime:
1382400, count: 1019, newdelta: 1035, ratio: 1335.13346418057
debug: bayes: something fishy, calculating atime (first pass)
  Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at
line 604.
debug: Analyzing max_expire_mult delta value of
debug: bayes: couldn't find a good delta atime, need more token
difference, skipping expire.
debug: Syncing complete.
debug: bayes: 24567 untie-ing
debug: bayes: 24567 untie-ing db_toks
debug: bayes: 24567 untie-ing db_seen
debug: bayes: files locked, now unlocking lock
debug: unlock: 24567 unlink /share/backup/bayes.lock

i learn about thousands of tokens a day so i dont think i need to feed
it any more tokens, it should be able to expire by now.  I also tried
taking bayes_toks and feeding it thru db_dump -r | db_load to try and
fix any messed up entries but no dice.

 any advice on how to force an expire successfully here?

 I am running 2.60 on solaris 9.


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