On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 04:18:06PM -0500, Adam Denenberg wrote:
> these are all mails that get learned about 30 days after being stored on
> the system. Basically people have 30 days to clean up their mail.. if
> not a FP, then we learn it as spam.  So all learned mail is about 30
> days old to the tee..
> do i need to change my method of learning? 

If you only learn once every 30 days, you should change that.  If you're
daily, for instance, learning 30-day old mail, that's not too much of
a problem.  The sa-learn docs cover the expiry algorithm pretty well,
but it takes into account that newer tokens are likely more useful than
older tokens, and so therefore uses an exponential scale when trying to
choose an atime.

30 days is actually rather high on the scale (starts at 12 hours, goes
up by powers of 2), but it should work fine assuming a wide distribution
of received dates.

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