On Fri, 23 Jan 2004 12:30:13 -0500, Chris Santerre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I received a report of an FP in bigevil. The domain was
> playaudiomessage.com. A quick google shows tons of hits in
> news.admin.net-abuse.sightings. It had been my hope the bigevil
> would be ZERO fp. However I'm not going to let the fact that a
> domain may be used 90% by spammers and 10% by legit sway me now.

I think this is a mistake. Before, BigEvil had the high road, not a
single domain in it had *ever* been reported as used in ham,
warranting a high score. With this change, thats no longer true. We
now depend on *your* judgement on how 'unclean' a domain is. And your
judgement may not be the same as mine. It may be that 98% of the time
I see playaudiomessage.com, it is legit and 2% spam, but your corpus
shows the reverse. Should the domain belong in bigevil in that case?

I'm not saying that the domain should be forgotten, but that iit
should at least be in a different list. 

'Bigevil.cf' -- never once seen in ham.
'Maybeevil.cf' -- a small number of hits in ham


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