I just had a look at this because I was going to add a long overdue minor 
update to the XPRESS cgi viewer and saw that I also couldn't see the images 
also on my linux install.  Assuming you're building from source, edit out 
the following line:


in the file:


See if this fixes your problem with the XPRESS cgi viewer.  The logic 
behind the 'translate_absolute...' function (which is in 
src/Common/util.cpp) doesn't make any sense with how I have my webserver 
and data paths setup so I'll need to chat with whoever implemented it to 
see how it can be changed to be compatible.  If commenting out that line 
works, do the same for line 1416 in the following file and see if that 
works for ASAPRatio.  (I haven't tested this myself.)


Good luck.


On Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 8:11:22 AM UTC-7, Alejandro wrote:
> Dear all,
> I just upgraded to TPP 5.0, from 4.8. Uninstalled everything and started 
> with a clean installation. Everything thing seems to work except the images 
> generated by gnuplot for XPRESS or ASAPratios. The peptideprophet models 
> images are all generated. I have search the group but have not found 
> something in recent TPPs version. I found something similar but in early 
> version ~3 and others mainly in Linux in which the problem was an outdated 
> gnuplot version.
> The other thing that is not working is the legacy viewer. It seems to be 
> able to "access" it but just generates a blank page.
> Any clue how to solve this? 
> I already installed the dev version and doesn't seem to solve this issue
> The plots of the quantitation are quite important for me to be able to QC 
> the reported ratios.
> Thanks!
> Alejandro

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