John Panzer wrote:
> Has there been a discussion about an extension to map to/from i-numbers 
> via AX?  If there were a generic attribute you could stuff an i-number 
> or a hash of an internal ID in there to help solve the disambiguation 
> problem.  Alternatively it'd be nice to have a way to ask when the 
> account was created, if the OP is amenable.

If you're going to use i-numbers, then there's no reason at all not to 
use the XRD CanonicalID element. The same mechanism that's used to map 
i-names onto i-numbers can also be used to map URLs onto i-numbers, or 
URLs onto other URLs.

I'm sure Drummond can talk in more detail about this. We did discuss it 
briefly at IIW, but once the majority had decided that the fragment 
approach was the way to go we didn't get a chance to investigate this 

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