On 30-May-07, at 6:21 PM, Martin Atkins wrote:

> John Panzer wrote:
>> Has there been a discussion about an extension to map to/from i- 
>> numbers
>> via AX?  If there were a generic attribute you could stuff an i- 
>> number
>> or a hash of an internal ID in there to help solve the disambiguation
>> problem.  Alternatively it'd be nice to have a way to ask when the
>> account was created, if the OP is amenable.
> If you're going to use i-numbers, then there's no reason at all not to
> use the XRD CanonicalID element. The same mechanism that's used to map
> i-names onto i-numbers can also be used to map URLs onto i-numbers, or
> URLs onto other URLs.
> I'm sure Drummond can talk in more detail about this. We did  
> discuss it
> briefly at IIW, but once the majority had decided that the fragment
> approach was the way to go we didn't get a chance to investigate this
> further.

We did look at this (with Drummond) in December. The bottom line is  
that it can't be done easily - a mechanism similar to XRI's canonical  
ID verification would have to be employed, to confirm that the i- 
number actually 'belongs' to the URL on which discovery was  
initiated. (Otherwise anyone could put any i-number in their URL- 
based XRDS files.)


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