New podcast: PROBES #32.2 Auxiliaries, by Chris Cutler

Amongst the new acoustic inventions Chris Cutler's PROBES #32.2 Auxiliaries
<>highlights: the
Rumitone, the Uberorgan, a whole Anarchestra, Philip Dadson's Sproings, a
Violimba, some scraper flutes, an Aquavine, Diego Stocco's Custom-built
Orchestra, an elastic aerophone-centriphone, Leonardo da Vinci's viola
organista, Martin Molin's heroic Marble Machine and many other hopeful and
inspired monsters.


dig deeper into the main programme topic but are also programmed for your
ecstatic listening pleasure; so examples here are edited and sequenced and
cut together on the wheels of steal; there’s no talking either (at least
not by me), so you need to download the playlist to get the details,
backstory and relevance of each of the pieces featured.

Chris Cutler's PROBES Auxiliaries always come with text, carefully woven by
Chris, to complement the listening 🔖 💫✨. For PROBES #32.2. Auxiliaries
you can find it here

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