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Elke Reinhuber 
exploring the layers of here, now and maybe

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Teaching lens-based media means for me also teaching to see, to watch our 
surroundings with fresh eyes, to challenge my students' views and to nudge them 
towards understanding how physics, genetics or neuroscience could shape their 
image of the world.

  *   Elke Reinhuber

We are happy to announce a new Artist Feature about the media artist and 
researcher Elke Reinhuber (DE). Based on her ongoing research in expanded 
photography, the artist has been working since the 90ies with various mediums 
and disciplines such as time-based media, immersive environments, Augmented and 
Virtual Reality as well as performance. Elke Reinhuber’s artistic path is 
represented on ADA with a distinctive selection of 30 works of her oeuvre.

Shifting between different layers of realities and trying to reveal unseen 
phenomena in our daily life, Elke Reinhuber often creates unusual, playful 
scenarios and dream-like worlds for the spectators to provoke new perspectives 
and question the familiar environment. Her training and experience in 
industrial photography with a focus on architecture has a profound influence on 
her interventions in public space, for example when selecting exceptional 
locations, which are often a central element to her work.

Reinhuber gives her audience the opportunity to reflect on our state of 
existence: Where do we stand now? Where are we heading to? Are we really 
present? Can we trust what we see? And we might further realize a paradox we 
may have been facing over the past years: the more capable our technology is – 
whether in decision making, imaging, or any other domain, the more we might 
lose sight of quintessential questions like: What exactly are we looking for?

Biography (short)

Originally from Germany, Elke Reinhuber was teaching and researching at Nanyang 
Technological University (NTU) in Singapore from 2014-2020 and joined SCM City 
University of Hong Kong in 2021 as associate professor. She has been exhibiting 
her work since 1996 all over the world in various photo museums, art galleries, 
festivals and different venues, such as ZKM Karlsruhe, GRID Photofestival 
Capetown, ADM Gallery Singapore, V&A London, NEoN Festival Dundee, Kulturforum 
Berlin etc..

Text & Interview by Carla Zamora
March 2022

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