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Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving: Preliminary Programme now available.

On 10 & 11 June, the second Summit on New Media Art Archiving will take place 
in the MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art). The Summit is organised by 
the ISEA and the SIGGRAPH archiving teams in co-operation with the archives of 
Ars Electronica, ADA, and FILE, under auspices of ISEA2022. We are proud to 
present the Preliminary Programme, which can be found here:

We are organising a Zoom webcast of the Summit so that is can be followed from 
remote. More information on the webcast will be provided in the course of May. 
If you are interested, send an email to 
info[at]<> with 'interested in Summit 
webcast' in the subject.

The first Summit on New Media Art Archiving was organised at ISEA2020. The 
Proceedings can be found here: 

Looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona or on-line!

The Summit organisers,

Bonnie Mitchell, Janice Searleman, Terry Wong, Wim van der Plas


The ISEA2022 organising team is charging fees for participants of the Summit. 
The organising team of the Summit has no responsibility for this, and possible 
reactions need to be addressed to ISEA2022, not to the Summit organisers. This 
statement comes from ISEA2022:

Considering that the 2nd Summit on New Media Art Archiving is an integral part 
of ISEA2022 and, in consequence, the applicable fees need to be consistent with 
those set for ISEA2022 attendants, the local organizer committee has set the 
next fees for the Summit:

- ISEA2022 Full Pass (either General or Students/Independent artist 
registrations) includes access to the Summit, as well as to the rest of 
ISEA2022. If you are registered on one of these registrations you don't need to 
make an extra registration to the Summit.

Specific access fo the Summit, for those that are not interested in the rest of 
ISEA2022 are:
- Summit Pass (2 days): 130 €
- Summit Day Pass: 70 €
- Online Summit Pass (2 days): 65 €
- Online Summit Day Pass: 35 €


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