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在 2011年9月8日星期四 UTC+8上午4:48:36,Alan Evangelista写道:
> I've created the following simple table in restructuredText: 
> ========= ======== 
> ======================================================= 
> Tag              Required    Description 
> ========= ======== 
> ======================================================= 
> columns      No               Columns of the content to return. Each 
> content listing 
>                                      has a set of defaults columns 
> that make sense for that 
>                                      particular content type. By 
> default, these columns are 
>                                      returned in addition to what was 
> requested here. 
> xquery         No              A  xquery 
> filter            No              Return files containing the 
> specified filter string 
> ========= ======== 
> ======================================================= 
> When I export this table to Latex and then PDF, the words in each line 
> of the 1st column overflow and intersect the table vertical line. This 
> works OK in rst2pdf. This could be a rst error, a output formatting 
> error (eg style) or is it a Sphinx bug? 
> Thanks in advance for any help. 

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