So what ever is coming off the dryer to be extracted and collected is 
combustible. If it is compatible with dry chemical suppression then that seems 
like a way to go considering the cleanup might be inherently handled by the 
collection system. What activates such a system is the interesting part. 

Allan Seidel
St. Louis, MO

> On Apr 16, 2018, at 5:48 PM, Reed A. Roisum, SET <> wrote:
> I have a project where the owner has multiple rotary drum dryers in a 
> building.  We are to provide fire protection for these dryers along with the 
> attached cyclones, ductwork, and baghouses.  My initial thoughts were that we 
> would protect with water deluge systems, but the owner would like to use 
> steam extinguishing because it is readily available.  I've never looked into 
> this type of system, so I'm not very familiar.  I am also having trouble 
> finding any guidance from NFPA or elsewhere.
> This plant is FM insured so I have been reviewing the data sheets.  Steam 
> extinguishing systems are listed with six other Special Protection Systems in 
> FMDS 04-00 and it also says, "Steam extinguishing systems have limited 
> application as special protection systems. They are primarily used for the 
> protection of normally heated and insulated equipment in plants having large 
> quantities of steam continually available. Examples include protection of 
> direct contact evaporators and associated equipment for black liquor recovery 
> boilers at pulp and paper mills, and also airborne pulp dryers at modern 
> kraft pulp mills."
> I’m wondering if anyone has any guidance as to what FM data sheets would be 
> applicable to Steam Extinguishing Systems and/or if there are other resources 
> that you could point me towards that would have information on these systems?
> This facility is not a Wood Processing or Woodworking Facility, but it seems 
> like that is where I can find the most applicable information to this hazard… 
> In FMDS 7-10, Wood Processing and Woodworking Facilities, 2.3.7 Rotary 
> Dryers, it mentions that “Steam should not be used as the sole extinguishing 
> medium”.
> I have done some reading in the following data sheets but not finding an 
> abundance of helpful information…
> FMDS 06-17 Rotary Kilns and Dryers
> FMDS 07-10 Wood Processing and Woodworking Facilities
> FMDS 07-73 Dust Collectors
> FMDS 07-04 Pulp Dryers
> Any help or direction is appreciated.
> Reed Roisum
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