Kiel W. wrote:
Ian Monroe wrote:

I do not see how such a major change can be justified in a minor point
release. For instance, currently amaroK does not work when using a
sqlite database on Debian Sid since they package it with sqlite 3.2.5.
Just my two cents, but if this change is breaking things in amaroK, XMMS2 and others then more testing should've been done on _those_ products before they were released to the wild. Regression/ unit tests should be run on most any change but definately when you upgrade a major sub-component of your system.

Well in this case it broke all the currently installed applications that was installed and where MISSUSING the API. We have corrected this now but it will take a while before we can make a release out of it. In the meantime distributions that ship a newer sqlite3 will not be able to use amarok and xmms2.

But it was our fault for not reading the docs correctly.

-- Tobias

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