On 9/5/05, Kiel W. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Ian Monroe wrote:
> >I do not see how such a major change can be justified in a minor point
> >release. For instance, currently amaroK does not work when using a
> >sqlite database on Debian Sid since they package it with sqlite 3.2.5.
> >
> >
> Just my two cents, but if this change is breaking things in amaroK,
> XMMS2 and others then more testing should've been done on _those_
> products before they were released to the wild.  Regression/ unit tests
> should be run on most any change but definately when you upgrade a major
> sub-component of your system.

I was going to make a scarcastic comment involving time machines, but
I see your just ignorant of how open source software gets released. We
didn't upgrade a major sub-component of our system. Debian Sid did
(they're fixing this now).

And regardless, it means amaroK can no longer use newer (unpatched)
sqlite versions. Thats the actual issue.
> --K

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