Simple answer: Don't!

This sounds like a misguided attempt to save space in the disk image by messing 
around with the rowid of a table (which is what "integer primary key" declares 
the column to be an alias of).

Whatever you stuff in there needs to be unique and, if you intend to use 
foreign keys, stable (unless you want to incur anomalies on updates). 
Additionally, SQLite may assign a completely different rowid (i.e. clobber your 
"packed field values") when running the REPLACE conflict resolution algortihm.

SQLite is already very good at saving space on disk. The most common values 
(NULL, 0 and 1) are stored using only 1 byte in the record header and other 
integer values only use the minimal number of bytes required to store the value.

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As in cramming numerous integer columns into a 64 bit integer.

Does anyone do this?

Is the speed gain worth the additional confusion of extracting the columns from 
the key?

How is it best accomplished (virtual table maybe)?
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