For the sake of the argument, let's try to devise a workable scheme for such an 

Lets assume you have a 32-bit "real rowid" and four 8-bit "value" fields.

How to distribute these in the 64-bit rowid?

Rrid low = MSB | v1 | v2 | v3 | v4 | r1r2r3r4 | LSB or
Rrid high =  MSB | r1r2r3r4 | v1 | v2 | v3 | v4 | LSB?

Let's try to select a row by real rowid:

SELECT id FROM t WHERE id & 0xffff = 1234;

There is no index on "id & 0xffff" so this translates into a full table scan 
(even if limited to one row, it still requires on average 1/2 of the rows to be 
read). Creating an index is no option because we are trying to save space, 

SELECT id FROM t WHERE id BETWEEN (1234<<32) and (1234<<32 + 0xffff);

This only works with "real rowid high" ("real rowid low" requires 2^^32 ranges 
to work) and the lookup is fast, but the endpoints should better be calculated 
in the calling program.

So for a reasonably fast lookup by "real rowid", it needs to occupy the most 
significant bits.

Trying to select by one the values, by extension of the arguments given, will 
either be a nightmare, default to a full table scan or require a covering index 
(which requires more disk space than the 4-12 bytes per record we have "saved").

Additionally, if any of the statements returns more than one row for any "real 
rowid" then your table is shot up beyond repair...

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As in cramming numerous integer columns into a 64 bit integer.

Does anyone do this?

Is the speed gain worth the additional confusion of extracting the columns from 
the key?

How is it best accomplished (virtual table maybe)?
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