Not a waste of time. It being in the properties tab is nice with the 
pre-compiled versions. I checked, and my self-compiled version does not have 
that nifty metadata. I guess I should look up on how to add that in the 
compiler. (And remember to update it)

So if that's missing is the other way basically just writing something that 
runs and outputs "select sqlite3_version();"? Or something along those lines?

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Outch, that was not a very smart question, sorry folks for the maluse 
(this is my own word, mal-use) of the bandwidth.


On 2017-09-12 9:11 AM, Richard Hipp wrote:
> On 9/12/17, <> wrote:
>> I have a file named SQLite3.dll, but I don't know which sqlite version it
>> is. Any help on how to finding that out?TIA
> Right-click on the file.  Select "Properties"

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