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> What I'm testing is my code.  I want to be sure the code is going to work.
> A crash is a primary indication that it won't.  That's information, not
> just an annoyance.

And having the database around provides insight into what went wrong?
Have you used it previously to solve a bug? Possibly but I assume not...

Unless you commit each and every single operation, you likely won't get
much insight into the specific state before it died, and that won't be
performant enough with your data set. In my opinion, you get far more
insight with instrumentation in your code and that likely makes the database

However, that is just a theory.

BTW, for future work you might want to look at apsw. Whenever I have a
Python project, I always use it as I find the api far superior amongst other 
Plus the maintainer is very responsive.
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