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> What such things always say "segementation fault (core dumped)" and the
> name of the program.

Try standard investation for any Python program which gives a segmentation 
fault. Waht does faulthandler say ?


If that doesn’t help, use GDB:

prompt$ gdb python
… blah …
(gdb) r myprog.py
… blah …
… crash notice …
(gdb) bt

If your program crashes in shell but not in the debugger you have a 
memory-management problem unrelated to SQLite.

Additional questions if that doesn’t solve it for you:

What modules/packages are you importing ?  Are any of them not needed to get 
your code to the point where it triggers the crash ?  If so, try not loading 

Can you demonstrate the problem with a tiny dataset rather than the long one 
which caused the problem ?  Does the dataset matter at all or is it just the 
number of operations that matters ?  Try generating random data and see if the 
crash is always on the same row 143473 or something.

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