Hi, following scenario:

Our app has a very exhaustive undo system. There you can, as long as you don't 
change anything, go back in time, take a look at your data and than go forward 
again and get back all changes you have done.

I think the VERSION extension might help us here. On the other hand, SAVEPOINTs 
look very good too as they are named. But I don't see a way how I can go back 
to a SAVEPOINT and then forward again. Would this be possible somehow?

The other idea is to take the named SAVEPOINTs idea and implement something 
like this manually with change-sets etc. that can be played back and forth. I'm 
not totally sure how to best tackle this.

If using VERSION extension and storing the changes inside the DB (while 
excluding the tracking for the change-set-table) this should even give us a 
persistent undo system, right?

Viele Grüsse.


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