On 11/3/17, Robert M. Münch <robert.mue...@saphirion.com> wrote:
> On 2 Nov 2017, at 16:56, Richard Hipp wrote:
>> Did you see this document: https://www.sqlite.org/undoredo.html
> No, I didn't, thanks a lot.
>> Do the ideas talked about there help in any way?
> Yes, it's what we are seeking.
> The SESSIONs (sorry thought it's named VERSION) extension looks like
> something that will handle the tracking tables for us and create those
> change-sets as in the example. Storing change-sets inside the DB should work
> too, I think.
> Or would it be better to use the approach from the example and omit the
> SESSIONs extension at all?

Either way will probably work.  Which approach seems easiest for you
to implement?
D. Richard Hipp
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