On 11/2/17, Robert M. Münch <robert.mue...@saphirion.com> wrote:
> Hi, following scenario:
> Our app has a very exhaustive undo system. There you can, as long as you
> don't change anything, go back in time, take a look at your data and than go
> forward again and get back all changes you have done.
> I think the VERSION extension might help us here. On the other hand,
> SAVEPOINTs look very good too as they are named. But I don't see a way how I
> can go back to a SAVEPOINT and then forward again. Would this be possible
> somehow?

Did you see this document: https://www.sqlite.org/undoredo.html

Do the ideas talked about there help in any way?

D. Richard Hipp
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