I've written Win32 desktop alarm clock that can store unlimited number
of alarms (Pending drive space, of course).  The problem I'm having is
that right now, I've got about 20 alarms for things I need to do over
the next couple of weeks that its getting harder to find what I need
to update if needed (Changing schedules, text, etc).

I've added a simple filter function that uses SQLites LIKE operator,
but I'd like something a little bit more advanced.  Right now, the
SQL code is like:

select * from Events where Title like '%Abc%Def%'

This works if the Title is AbcRfeDef, but would fail with FedRfeAbc.

I've thought about doing some kind of delimiter, then have the code
generate the SQL code by just looping through the keywords and
generate the "or Title like '%keyword%'" statement (With appropriate
escaping), but that just smells bad to me.

I'm using the amalgamation by default, so I don't think FTS is in the
DLL.  I can recompile, but that now introduces complications on
machines that may not have this exact DLL.  (A couple people in my
company use this app)

Is there any trick I can use that'll return AbcRfeDef and FedRfeAbc if
the two keywords are Abc and Def from a SQL call?
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