Thanks all for the info.  I'm still doing thought wrestling on the
path I want to take.

On one hand, its brain dead simple for me to go the tokenizer route
and have my application dynamically generate the SQL string, I just
don't like that kind of code style as there are many faults with it,
especially with how the wrapper deals with binding and user provided

On the other hand, since at least one of my dev environments has the
tools already to do a Windows build of the amalgamation, I can write
out a batch file so that the DLL is built on a whim, with the required
extensions at the ready.  The magic touch is to find out how to get my
source code in the wrapper to handle the new kind of DLL naming (Since
I don't want a generic SQLite3.dll being in multiple places that do
different jobs) while the exact same wrapper code CAN handle
SQLite3.dll.  Much more work, but later on, might be useful for other
aspects.  The last rabbit out of the hat is to modify the installer to
put the new DLL in the application directory instead of
System32/Wherever, but that's easier to correct than doing the

Although there are pay for, and free to use, libraries that can be
linked into my applications, I've never been satisfied with the code
provided.  Often times, it has so many dependencies on stuff that
isn't required that I'm just not going to put into my code.  Not to
mention, the routines that they provide are limited in some fashion
that just isn't compatible with my mindset.  The one library I did
find (
), and was easily able to modify for my own purposes, however,
requires external DLLs.

I've tried taking the amalgamation and convert it into something that
I can directly embed into my applications (Which would be great), but,
I've yet to be successful.  Obviously it can be done, but, I've not
been able to do it on my own.

On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 8:03 PM, Jens Alfke <> wrote:
>> On Nov 10, 2017, at 6:50 AM, Peter Da Silva <> 
>> wrote:
>>> I'm using the amalgamation by default, so I don't think FTS is in the DLL.  
>>> I can recompile, but that now introduces complications on machines that may 
>>> not have this exact DLL.  (A couple people in my company use this app)
>> The same problem would presumably apply to the regex extension... not all 
>> users would have that extension.
> What platform is this for? Apple platforms ship with SQLite libraries that 
> include FTS (not sure about regex, but it’d be easy to check.)
> On other platforms, you can just statically link SQLite into your application 
> and not have to worry what version or configuration might be on the user’s 
> machine.
> —Jens
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