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> I've added a simple filter function that uses SQLites LIKE operator, but I'd 
> like something a little bit more advanced.  Right now, the SQL code is like:
> select * from Events where Title like '%Abc%Def%'
>  This works if the Title is AbcRfeDef, but would fail with FedRfeAbc.
> I've thought about doing some kind of delimiter, then have the code generate 
> the SQL code by just looping through the keywords and generate the "or Title 
> like '%keyword%'" statement (With appropriate escaping), but that just smells 
> bad to me.

The best way to do it is not to use complex keys, but if you have to (say 
because the input is free form) then generating

SELECT * FROM EVENTS WHERE title LIKE ‘%Abc%’ AND title LIKE ‘%Def%’;

is probably the only option.

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