> Le 30 nov. 2017 à 12:00, Sebastien HEITZMANN <2...@2le.net> a écrit :
> We juste create a sigle table in a new db. In my docker container it take 4
> time more time than in the host system.
> time sqlite3 /tmp/foo.db < f.sql
> on the host machine
> real 0m0.216s
> and in the docker container
> real 0m0.826s

Couldn't it be a discrepancy in the way 'time' measures on the host or through 
the container?
Or simply a difference in speed of code execution through the container?
Instead of an actual difference of behaviour/performance of SQLite itself?

The test (creation of this small db) is so small that timing it has a large 
potential for variance due to the system itself.

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