On 06-01-18 19:00, x wrote:
>>> sqlite> Explain query plan select ID from Tbl where ID is null order by ID;
>>> selectid|order|from|detail
>>> 0|0|0|SCAN TABLE Tbl
>> I have the same results. ``SCAN TABLE Tbl USING COVERING INDEX ...'' is
>> returned in case of not ``NOT NULL'' field.
> Yeah, I would get that result as well if I had no secondary indexes on Tbl. 
> If either you or Luuk add a secondary index XXX to your versions of Tbl 
> you’ll get the same result I’m getting and maybe then we’ll be on the same 
> page regarding ordering.
I still do not knwo what you are doing...
multiple indexes define, and i stillsee 'SCAN TABLE ...'
can you post the output of your table definition?

sqlite> .schema tbl
CREATE TABLE tbl (id integer primary key not null);
CREATE INDEX idx2 on tbl(id);
CREATE INDEX idx3 on tbl(id DESC);
sqlite> explain query plan select id from tbl where id is null;
0|0|0|SCAN TABLE tbl

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