On 3/7/18, Harri Porten <por...@froglogic.com> wrote:
> Dear SQLite developers,
> as of earlier this week you'll find the daily code coverage results of the
> tests bundled with SQLite online at:
>    http://www.opencoverage.net/sqlite
> With over 89% condition coverage (measured at source code level) your
> project is a clear leader among the other projects hosted on that site.
> Congratulations!

Thanks for running the tests.  Cool site!

Just so that you will know, we actually run 100% condition coverage
(100% MC/DC) using a separate proprietary test suite.  See
https://www.sqlite.org/testing.html#test_coverage for additional

> The site can feature a post-commit analysis of individual patches (for
> OpenSSL for example[1]). We just didn't get around integrating
> fossil-based repositories, yet. Something that could be done if
> considered useful.

If you are interested in adding Fossil repository tracking, please
know that you can always pull down a tarball of the latest trunk
check-in using this url:


If the client you use to query that URL supports standard HTTP caching
using either If-Modified-Since or If-None-Match, then the URL above
will return a 304 Not Modified if there have been no new trunk
check-ins since your last attempt.

Using tarballs such as the above might be an easy way for you to
integrate support for Fossil.  This is, in fact, what OSSFuzz does.
However, to minimize bandwidth, it would be better to have a "fossil"
executable on hand so that you can clone the repository and then
periodically do "fossil update trunk" to get the latest trunk code.
Fossil is a single self-contained executable that you merely place on
your $PATH so it isn't difficult to install.

> We would love to display results split per source file but failed to
> compile the code when using the --disable-amalgamation configure switch. I
> can dig up the details of the error we got.

I just ran:

    ./configure --disable-amalgamation; make test

And it ran fine for me.  No errors.  This is on ubuntu.  If you
continue to have problems, please send additional information and we
will look into it.

D. Richard Hipp
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