Dear SQLite developers,

as of earlier this week you'll find the daily code coverage results of the tests bundled with SQLite online at:

With over 89% condition coverage (measured at source code level) your project is a clear leader among the other projects hosted on that site. Congratulations!

The site can feature a post-commit analysis of individual patches (for OpenSSL for example[1]). We just didn't get around integrating fossil-based repositories, yet. Something that could be done if considered useful.

We would love to display results split per source file but failed to compile the code when using the --disable-amalgamation configure switch. I can dig up the details of the error we got.

If you have any questions about the results or believe that the tests may not be running properly, yet, please let us[2] know.




[2] We are makers of a code coverage tool named Coco and consider above site as our little contribution to open source software as well as a show case of the tool's capabilities.
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