2018-04-15 14:08 GMT+02:00 R Smith <ryansmit...@gmail.com>:
> On 2018/04/15 11:52 AM, Csányi Pál wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I think the visualization of a schema helps to develop a sqlite database.
>> I am searching for a free software, like SchemaCrawler.
>> It is good, but can't show CONSTRAINT and FOREIGN KEY names in the
>> diagram.
>> I just tried out the Sqleton but it can't be start on my system so far.
>> Do you uses such a free tool?
> I think most SQLite (or indeed other DB) admin systems have some function
> for producing schema visualization - at least, in the standard sense of the
> word.
> Does this example do what you would like?
> http://sqlc.rifin.co.za/SchemaDocExample1.html
> or (in other colour scheme):
> http://sqlc.rifin.co.za/SchemaDocExample2.html
> If so you can find those in the schema documentation HTML export of
> sqlitespeed (http://sqlc.rifin.co.za/) but it's unfortunately on Windows
> only. The sqlitebrowser project has some nice features and work in the *nix
> systems too. (http://sqlitebrowser.org/)
> There might even be a command-line tool that does a good job, I think I've
> seen someone here talking about it, but am not sure now.
> Good luck!
> Ryan

No, I would like a tool such as sqleton

Best, Paul
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