> Hi,
> I think the visualization of a schema helps to develop a sqlite database.
> I am searching for a free software, like SchemaCrawler.
> It is good, but can't show CONSTRAINT and FOREIGN KEY names in the
> diagram.
> I just tried out the Sqleton but it can't be start on my system so far.
> Do you uses such a free tool?
> Best, Pali

Hello Pali,

A free open source database access tool.

It has a visual QueryBuilder, plugin.

The application is in Java, and uses a JDBC to access a SQLite
database, file. At this time I no longer bundle a JDBC, with the
project for SQLite. One can be found though at:


Place its Jar in your jre/lib/ext folder and Ajqvue will have
access to it. I have not tried this current library and usually
build my own.

Dana M. Proctor
Ajquve Project Manager

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