On 2018/06/13 10:26 AM, Space Pixel wrote:
Hello sqlite community,

I am having serious trouble with the Node.js module "sqlite3". This package
is supposed to connect JavaScript or TypeScript code with a sqlite3
database (file or online database). When I try to use the sqlite file (the
command I am using is "const db = new sqlite3.Database("file name
here");"), it spits out SO many errors regarding packages that were
declared as deprecated and out of date so long ago. I'm gonna give a log
below. Notice the warnings: A .cs file spits out a warning, in which it
says: "You need an appropriate loader to handle this file". I tried to find
a solution for a whole month, to no avail. Please help at once.

Hi Omer,

The reason your messages are not being answered quick and precisely is that this is really not an SQLite issue, it's a CS problem and people on a CS forum are much more likely able to help out.  It's also possible that some CS user here might read it and offer assistance, but so far it didn't attract much attention from such Samaritans.

The SQLite devs do not make deprecated systems, the stuff can be downloaded from the SQLite site is all up-to-date and working, so that means that either CS itself or the wrapper or module you use in CS, to use SQLite DB capabilities, is out-of-date or deprecated. We can show you the newest and updated sources for SQLite itself, but we cannot magic it into your CS project - hence me saying you are far more likely to get help from a CS forum since someone there is bound to have discovered and (hopefully) already solved this same problem.

Once you get the SQLite to be understood by your CS and start using it and then have any problem with how it works, understands SQL or handles files, then we can (and would love to) fully assist.

Good luck,

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