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> I am having serious trouble with the Node.js module "sqlite3". This package

Hello Omer.

Then retry your command using just node, with no .cs involved

        const db = new sqlite3.Database("file name here");

In other words, make a test.js file containing just this line and execute it 

prompt> node test.js

If it works, stop here.  You have no problem with SQLite.

If it doesn't work download a fresh copy of node from


Once that is installed please use the following command to download an 
up-to-date sqlite3 module:

        npm install sqlite3

Then retry using the above test.js file.  Again, if it works, stop here. You 
have cured any problem you might have with the SQLite module.

If you still have a problem, it is nothing to do with SQLite and nothing to do 
with node.  It's a problem with whatever software you're using to handle your 
'.cs' file, and you should ask on a forum to do with that software.


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