Hi Ryan,

I can see you didn't quite understand me. The project I am attempting to
install sqlite3 on is an Angular 6 project. Now, in the package sqlite3
there is a CS file that spits out a warning "you need an appropriate loader
to handle this file type". Also, some of the packages sqlite3 requires are
very ancient and deprecated: crypto, aws-sdk, http, https, and some more.
Now, about getting the latest version through the website- again, the
"sqlite3" that I'm talking about is a NPM package, and there is nothing to
do with finding the latest version: I already have it. Plus, when I tried
to install it without any Python or build tools, it fell back to the build
and then the build immediately FAILED. After I installed Windows Build
Tools and Python (and added it to PATH), I got it to build successfully,
but then I face the problems that I mentioned in the first mail.

Hope you understand now,

Omer Shamai.

On Wed, Jun 13, 2018, 12:52 PM R Smith <ryansmit...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 2018/06/13 10:26 AM, Space Pixel wrote:
> > Hello sqlite community,
> >
> > I am having serious trouble with the Node.js module "sqlite3". This
> package
> > is supposed to connect JavaScript or TypeScript code with a sqlite3
> > database (file or online database). When I try to use the sqlite file
> (the
> > command I am using is "const db = new sqlite3.Database("file name
> > here");"), it spits out SO many errors regarding packages that were
> > declared as deprecated and out of date so long ago. I'm gonna give a log
> > below. Notice the warnings: A .cs file spits out a warning, in which it
> > says: "You need an appropriate loader to handle this file". I tried to
> find
> > a solution for a whole month, to no avail. Please help at once.
> Hi Omer,
> The reason your messages are not being answered quick and precisely is
> that this is really not an SQLite issue, it's a CS problem and people on
> a CS forum are much more likely able to help out.  It's also possible
> that some CS user here might read it and offer assistance, but so far it
> didn't attract much attention from such Samaritans.
> The SQLite devs do not make deprecated systems, the stuff can be
> downloaded from the SQLite site is all up-to-date and working, so that
> means that either CS itself or the wrapper or module you use in CS, to
> use SQLite DB capabilities, is out-of-date or deprecated. We can show
> you the newest and updated sources for SQLite itself, but we cannot
> magic it into your CS project - hence me saying you are far more likely
> to get help from a CS forum since someone there is bound to have
> discovered and (hopefully) already solved this same problem.
> Once you get the SQLite to be understood by your CS and start using it
> and then have any problem with how it works, understands SQL or handles
> files, then we can (and would love to) fully assist.
> Good luck,
> Ryan
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