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On 6/13/18, Luiz Américo <> wrote:
> How about using ?
> Open source projects can use for free

Thanks for the pointer, Luiz.

Discourse is moving the right direction, I think.  To install it, one
downloads a docker container and runs it on some Linux VM someplace.
(They recommend Digital Ocean, which is where I is
hosted already.)  It's a self-contained package with minimal
dependencies that just works.  And it uses SQLite!  My kind of

Here are my remaining points of heartburn with Discourse:

(1) The installation guide recommends using an external email service,
and they even recommend four appropriate services.  I clicked through
to each one, having never heard of any of them before.  All four are
pushing email marketing for companies sending 10 million or more
emails per month.  It seems to me that aggressive email marketing is
the root cause of my problem in the first place, so I am somewhat
reluctant to engage a marketing firm to help with the solution.
Fortunately, Discourse also allows one to use a self-hosting Postfix
installation, which is what we are currently running on

(2) Discourse seems to want to run on a machine all by itself.  (It is
written in Rails and has its own webserver.)  I suppose I could spin
up yet another VM to do that.  But I learned this craft in an age
where machines were big and expensive and the goal was to cram as many
services as you could fit onto a single machine and IP address, and so
spinning up a separate machine with its own domain name just to manage
the mailing list seems wasteful, somehow.  And, that means there is
one more machine that I have to keep track of and manage and defend
from attacks, etc.

(Possible remedy to 2):  The main SQLite server (
actually owns 3 IP addresses, only 2 of which are currently in use.  I
suppose I could run Discourse on that 3rd unused IP address.  But that
will end up being a non-standard setup....

(3) The installation guide says that Discourse takes between 2 and 8
minutes to boot up.  Seriously?

Even so, Discourse does seem like considering.  Does anybody else have
any experience with Discourse, good or bad?

Are there any volunteers willing to call me on skype and help set this up?

D. Richard Hipp
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