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>   1. Is there any documentation that I may have missed that addresses
>  the above issue? If not, there probably should be a wiki page
>  regarding this. I could create a wiki page with my notes regarding
>  this.



But it doesn't address specifics related to the build like this.

>   2. Compiling above without the "-lpthread -ldl" results in errors. I
>  simply looked at a mailing list post and stumbled upon the above
>  commands. Is this the right way to do it?

Yes.  FYI, as of 3.5.7 the autoconf-based build in the full
distribution uses the amalgamation by default when producing the
shared library and executables, and the non-autoconf build (if you
start by using Makefile.linux-gcc as a template) has targets to do the
same.  It links the library itself with "-lpthread -ldl", which is why
you don't have to add those lines if you're just linking a program
against the shared library - gcc is instructed automatically by
libsqlite3.so to link them in.

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