I have an embedded Linux ARM target and wish to run sqlite on it.  I 
successfully cross-compiled sqlite-3.6.15 on my Ubuntu x86 host, and now I'm 
ready to install sqlite3, its libraries, and headers on my target system.

I originally tried compiling sqlite on my embedded target system.  Because it 
has only a flash file system, and there is no swap area, gcc fails because it 
runs out of memory.

I tried zipping up the cross-compiled sqlite-3.6.15 directory from my x86 host 
into a tar.gz file, downloading it to my target, unzipping it, then running 
"make install".  Because the config files and the Makefile have all of the 
arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi cross-compiler references to gcc, this doesn't match 
the actual configuration on my embedded target, and the make fails.

Before I start hacking into the sqlite config and Makefiles on my embedded 
target, has someone already been through this and perhaps has a "howto"?  Is 
there already a recipe in the Makefile for this?



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