On 15 Jun 2010, at 4:23pm, Robert Latest wrote:

> Instinctively I'd rather first SELECT, store the
> results, finalize the SELECT statement and then get to work on its
> result using the stored data. It's just that without intermediate
> storage it's a bit easier (no need to do any ressource management),
> and I've found nothing in the docs that says I shouldn't do that.

On a standard desktop system where RAM is cheap, your principle of storing all 
the SELECT data before beginning your changes is sound.  Technically there's no 
reason not to interleave the _step() with changing the data, but it requires a 
detailed understanding of how SQLite works, especially if the changes you make 
would have changed the result of the SELECT command. [1] Storing all the SELECT 
data before making your changes means you don't have to understand these 
technicalities, and it ensures that your code is engine-agnostic in case you 
ever have to convert to using a different SQL engine.

[1] I did a quick google for documentation on this but didn't find anything.

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