Trying to retrieve a stored qNaN or sNaN returns a column type of NULL and
a value of 0.

On Thu Jan 29 2015 at 8:56:35 PM RSmith <> wrote:

> On 2015/01/29 05:05, James K. Lowden wrote:
> > There's no reason to think, if the data are provided in binary form,
> that they won't be returned in the identical form absent an
> > explicit conversion. If that's not so, I'd sure like to know why. I'm
> faintly surprised NaNs can't be stored, too. Why should
> > SQLlite interpret them if they're bound to a double?
> Indeed, which is what all the posts have been saying more or less in terms
> of round-tripping all but NaNs.
> In the case of NaN though, there are two defined NaNs, namely qNaN and
> sNan which both means the same but the sNaN will cause an
> exception even at hardware level by merely passing through any register,
> which I believe is its intended purpose. This means that in
> order for software to work correctly, it should never let an sNaN pass
> through untouched, it should produce an error so all parties
> are savvy to the wrongness that just occured (Even if the software in use
> is not specifically checking for NaN, an sNaN should still
> cause an exception from lower down).
> qNaN should pass through and round-trip same as any other float. I'm not
> sure how SQLite handles either of these NaNs, but am now
> quite interested to know.
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