On 2015/01/30 05:49, Donald Shepherd wrote:
Trying to retrieve a stored qNaN or sNaN returns a column type of NULL and a 
value of 0.

Thank you for letting us know.

Well I suppose that's SQLite's method to answer with errors of the sort, returning NULL (as is the case with div0 for instance). Which makes some sense and is probably documented (though I did not check). It seems to get really unhandled bitwise round-trips you will need to store/receive blobs or strings in the 0xNNN.... format.

At first I thought SQLite (or any RDBMS) should really strore whatever you give and return it untouched, but that cannot be true for an RDBMS because it has to interpret the data, it isn't just a binary store. It has to answer questions like SELECT ("colA"+3), (7/"colB"); or sort by colA or use a collation on strings etc. etc. - all of which means it must care about what the value relates to and cannot simply ignore it unless stored as an ignorant type (i.e Blob).

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