On 12/10/2015 05:15 AM, ajm at zator.com wrote:
> Hi list:
> In a C++ Windows app that uses SQLite v. 3.9.1 and behaves well, I try change 
> the search engine from FTS3/4 modules to FTS5, by means off:
> 1. Define the directive
> #define SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS5 1
> 2.-  Create the table:
> CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE ftsm USING fts5(nm,tokenize='porter unicode61 
> remove_diacritics 0',columnsize=0)
> 3.- Populate the table:
> INSERT INTO ftsm (row,nm) SELECT id,nm FROM atm WHERE(..)
> After that, the app and the search engine works as espected.
> To update the ftsm table after several inserts and deletes, I try to follow 
> this steps
> 1a.- Delete the previous table.
> 2a.- Create table (as above)
> 3a.- Populate table (as above).
> This scheme work ok with the FST3/4 modules, but compiling with FTS5 gives an 
> erroro in 1a:  "database disk image is malformed".
> Note that in previous attemps I believed that the problem was into try to 
> delete a ftsm table build with the previous modules, but the error happen 
> when trying delete a table build with the FTS5 module.
> I managed to drop the ftsm table by means of create a new dbase; create the 
> same tables (except ftsm); populate the tables, and replacing the previous 
> dbase with the new one. But obviously, this method is primitive; time 
> consuming, and has problems when the dbase is in use.
> Some clues?

Not really sure why it might fail there. Can you post the entire 
database schema (results of "SELECT * FROM sqlite_master" or the output 
of the .schema shell tool command)?


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