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> Fecha:  Fri, 11 Dec 2015 15:28:33 +0700
> Asunto:  Re: [sqlite] Problem when upgrading from FTS3/4 to 
> FTS5modules(revisited)
>> 1a.- Delete the previous table.
>> This scheme work ok with the FST3/4 modules, but compiling with FTS5 gives 
>> an erroro in 1a:  "database disk image is malformed".
>> Note that in previous attemps I believed that the problem was into try to 
>> delete a ftsm table build with the previous modules, but the error happen 
>> when trying delete a table build with the FTS5 module.
>> ...
>>>> Some clues?
>>> Not really sure why it might fail there. Can you post the entire
>>> database schema (results of "SELECT * FROM sqlite_master" or the output
>>> of the .schema shell tool command)?
>> Dan:
>> Here is the schema:
>That all looks Ok.
>If you use the shell tool to execute the "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ftsm" 
>command does it report an error as well?


Surprisingly, the shell does not complain when using the same query, and 
indeed, drop the table.

Yeah, I also believe that the problem is in my roof, although that code has 
been behaving Ok from ages with the FTS3/4 modules (only changes some 
directives in other places of the code).

Any way, when running again the code when the table has been previously erased 
(with the shell), the routine works without complaint (executes the query 
correctly), and despite the warning, the rest of the app behaves correctly and 
the queries related with the search works fine.

When the table exist, the debugger shows that sqlite3_prepare_v2() ends Ok, but 
sqlite3_step() ends with error 11.

When the table is already deleted, sqlite3_prepare_v2() ends Ok, and 
sqlite3_step() ends with 101.

Frankly, because the routine is the same in both times, and there are not 
variables to bind, really I don't know where to look. Anyway thanks for your's 


Adolfo J. Millan

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